For whom

Depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder

Psychiatric complaints can be a sign of autoimmunity

Diagnosed with Hashimoto’s

Balance immune system and prevent the development of another autoimmune disease

Want to live and not just survive

Commit and dare to do whatever it takes

Make a difference

Contribute to the ongoing research aiming to find remedy for Hashimoto thryoiditis

About US

Hashimoto help

Hashimoto help initiative has started with one individual, Dr. Anna Huysse, searching for help to release her own suffering. It transmitted to sharing her successful experience with the clients in her practice. Nowadays, it is growing as an online platform where more people can be reached and helped. It offers evidence-based e-health services for early detecting those at risk to develop Hashimoto's and bringing Hashimoto thyroiditis to remission.

  • evidence-based
  • transformational
  • from Hashimoto's heart to hashimoto's heart
  • satisfaction guarantee


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