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Guided training

All trainings are evidence-based. Their focus is on internal self-help. They are an excellent companion to the other treatment plans you may follow and will accelerate the healing process.

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The online consultation is provided by Dr. Anna Huysse, a top health professional with long experience working with Hashimoto patients. The online consultation can be used as an additional support to the training programs or on its own.

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hashimoto’s help community

Hashimoto help initiative aims creating a conscious and compassionate community which is determined to work towards its own health and this of others.

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All Hashimoto Help products and services are evidence-based. All training programs participants are invited to take part in academic research. In this way we can contribute to the better understanding of Hashimoto thyroiditis disease and further develop our products.

Hashimoto help

Hashimoto help initiative has started with one individual, Anna Huysse PhD, searching for help to release her own suffering. It transmitted to sharing her successful experience with the clients in her practice. Nowadays, it is growing as an online platform where more people can be reached and helped. It offers evidence-based e-health services for bringing Hashimoto thyroiditis to remission. Furtherore, the early diagnostic tool is in development.

About us

Anna Huysse graduated cum laude the Medical University, Varna, Bulgaria.
In 1999, Anna received a fellowship to study Master of Public Health at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. After successfully finishing this program, she was invited to work as a researcher at Maastricht University, where later she did her PhD and still is lecturing.
She has been a member of the Board of the directors on different national and international organizations (e.g. WIAPP, Wiesbaden, Germany and at NGVH, a professional organization for psychotherapy, the Netherlands).
Anna has her own practice in Maastricht where she works extensively with people with autoimmune diseases, in particular Hashimoto.
As a Hashimoto patient herself, based on her own experience and working with people with autoimmune diseases in the last 15 years, she is committed to pass over everything she has learned and support others. Furthermore, she is devoted to contribute to the scientific knowledge in this area.