Depression medication induces multiple antibiotics resistance

                                    For long we have believed that overuse or misuse of antibiotics to be the main cause for antibiotic resistance. Though recently, study shows that triclosan used as a preservative in water based formulations of products that we use daily (aftershave lotions, bath products, cleansing products, foot sprays, hair conditioners, makeup products, powders, shampoos, shaving products, skin care[…]

Removing tonsils and an increased risk of autoimmune disease

                              Tonsils play an important role in our immune system. Tonsils are a pair of lymphoid tissues located at the rear of the throat and function as the first defence against bacteria and virus. The underlying component of B cells in the germinal centers of the tonsil is activated when a pathogen is present. Studies show that the pre-existing antigen-specific IgA[…]

Maternal depression alters stress and immune biomarkers in mother and child

                            Maternal depression has been repeatedly linked with negative child outcomes as increased psychopathology: poor socioemotional adaptation, externalizing (conduct) and internalizing symptom (anxiety/depression, somatic complaints, social withdrawal), and emotion dysregulation. In addition, maternal depression is related to poor physical health throughout life. Studies show that prenatal maternal depressive symptoms are associated with poor physical health across early childhood, which in turn predicted[…]

Schildklier in balans

      Heb je vage klachten die mogelijk duiden op een trage schildklier of de ziekte van Hashimoto? Dan is preventie en vroege detectie van groot belang. De webinar met Dr. Anna Huysse wordt gecombineerd met praktische oefeningen, tests en discussies. Deze webinar is interessant voor mensen met vage klachten, hypothyroïdie/trage schildklier en Hashimoto’s. In het bijzonder voor mensen met: – Depressiviteit, angst en borderline die ondanks medicatie klachten houden – als Hashimoto zijn[…]

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