July 29, 2016

Why Hashimoto Help initiative?



The Hashimoto help initiative uses a multidisciplinary approach and looks at Hashimoto as an adaptation matter, where neural, endocrine, immunological, and behavioral processes of adaptation play a role. The last scientific insights show us that consciousness and emotions are states of the body, in particular, the immune system. Personality have an important role in modulating the relationship between environmental events such as stressors and the immune system.

Dr. Anna Huysse established the Hashimoto help initiative. Anna is a top expert in adaptation.  Based on 15+ years of research and practice, she is convinced that the interaction between internal and external factors are essential for a successful adaptation. There is a big amount of professional help offered concerning the external factors as Hashimoto diet, supplements, oils, etc. Though the internal factors (personality: cognitions, emotions and behavior) have NOT been well understood and integrated. Here comes the role of the Hashimoto help initiative!

Furthermore, Hashimoto.Help identifies two major problems:

  1. Hashimoto thyroiditis is difficult to diagnose on time due to nonspecific symptoms on early stage. Diagnosing on time those subclinical cases with slight hypothyroidism and properly treating them is essential in order to slow down the progression of the disease and in order to the manage the risk of coronary heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and pregnancy problems. Hashimoto.Help is the first to offer evidence-based help for subclinical Hashimoto’s. Our view on subclinical Hashimoto’s is presented in the White paper_The train of autoimmunity_medical professionals

One way to identify those at risk and monitor already diagnosed patients is via adequate blood tests. What does that mean?

It means testing for TSH, T4 levels, as well as autoantibodies, food sensitivities and element deficiencies. The problem is that very often, blood tests are simply not conducted, or not everything that is important to know is tested. What if you could be in charge of your own health?

At Hashimoto.Help, we are working on a blood test service that enables you to get tested on your own:

  • You decide what’s tested (no negotiation with doctors)
  • You test at home (no traveling)
  • Clear instructions (you can’t go wrong)
  • Quick, clean and painless procedure (no needles)
  • Quick, confidential online test results
  • Professional advice by a team specialized in autoimmunity and Hashimoto’s
  • Reference letter for your doctor
  • Guaranteed test quality (accredited lab compliant with the highest European quality standards)

Does this feel like something you’d like to do? If so, follow this link to tell us more about it!

     2. 1 of every 3 persons who are diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis suffers with life longs symptoms. The treatment with hormonal therapy provides necessary      thyroid hormone but does not address the autoimmunity which is causing Hashimoto thyroiditis.  Here Hashimoto.Help has developed evidence- based guided online programs to increase the quality of life of patients with Hashimoto’s and prevent the development of second or third autoimmune disease. You may still have Hashimoto, but Hashimoto will no longer have you!

Our clients experience:

  • enhanced mood
  • more energy
  • better relationships
  • decreased inflammation
  • healing effect not just on the Hashimoto but also other autoimmune diseases


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