February 28, 2017

Hashimoto’s voice research 3

Proof read out loud the text 'Who is most important' to become comfortable with it.

Who’s more important?

A very long time ago, all the parts of the body decided to get together and have a little meeting. They wanted to decide once and for all, which body part was more important. The eyes were the first to speak. They said, “We see everything. We know what’s coming. Without us, you’d be wandering through life without seeing the beauty all around. The ears jumped in and said, “That’s crazy, we’re so much more important than you. Without us, you’d never be able to hear music or the sound of a baby crying. Then the mouth started to speak, and it said, “You’re both wrong. Everything comes through my door. Without me, you’d never be able to eat or drink. The nose was quiet up to this point, listening to what the other body parts had to say. Finally it jumped in and said, “ Have you ever smelled a rose in full bloom? Or the incredible scent of freshly baked cookies? Clearly, I’m way more important than all of you. The body parts went on and on like this all day and night until they were absolutely exhausted and had nothing left to say. Then finally they heard a voice that was both soft like a whisper, and loud like thunder. It was the heart speaking. It said, “My dear brothers and sisters, we are all family, all equal, all important. The body parts knew that the heart was telling the truth, they were filled with joy and peace, and they never argued again.


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