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If you:

– are suffering from non-specific complaints and wandering ‘What is going on with me?’

– want to get advice on which blood tests to order

– need help in the interpretation of blood tests results

– want to get the most out of Hashimoto.Help online programs

– would like an individualized plan created for you


Other benefits of the online consultation are:

– conducted in your mother tongue (English, Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian)

– cut the health expenses while receiving high quality service

– from the comfort of your home


Book your online consultation following the steps below:

Step 1: click on the type of service you would like to book

Step 2: Click on the ‘time zone’ and choose your time zone by following confirming by clicking on ‘set time zone’

Step 3: Click on the available dates to see the available hours and make your choice

Step 4: Fill in your name, email address, read and accept Terms & Conditions & make a payment. Here you can also redeem your Coupon






3 reviews for Online Consultation

  1. Jasmina

    The last 4 years I have been suffering with a variety of complaints and diagnosed with clinical depression. I was feeling so bad that I could not fucntion at all. I was forwarded to Dr. Anna Huysse for a psychological help. She is so skilled to quickly identify the problem areas and so human to make you feel normal. Dr. Anna Huysse helped me discover that I have a mild subclinical Hashimoto’s. Following the developed from her protocol saved my life. There are no words to express my gratitude.

  2. Lonneke à Campo

    Masks off. That is the best way to describe my consultations with Anna.
    She is devoted, very intelligent, not scared of anything, in control, well balanced in between cognition and emotion, directive and yet space to give way yourself, she has her heart on the right place and speaks from it, very positive minded, kind, strict, gives that little extra (or more) you need in times when you feel you are going to loose your battle, but above all, she is a wonderful and loving human being. When she smiled at me the first time, she opened my heart because I could see her. Really her and it made me want to take off my mask to become me.
    I’ve come from far, still have a long way to go, but with her by my side, I slowly learn how to live instead of to survive.
    She inspires me to do better, to be positive, to stand strong and be little too sometimes. To see things as they are. She has learned me more than all the therapists I’ve seen before. No masks. Just be me.

  3. Lisa

    I receive a lot of support form you and believe reaching remission with your help. With every day I feel better. Dr. Anna, thank you!

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