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Welcome to the most exciting, sophisticated, and only evidence-based transformational program available for Hashimoto’s today.

For long, mind and body, individual and environment, have been seen as separated. This training takes the psychoneuroimmunology perspective. This perspective is based on the fundamental unity of the bodily systems. And these systems function to help you stay healthy. The immune system is a part of that.

Patients with autoimmune disease have a different response to stress. They register much more stress. Stress is not just coming from outside – outside of the self, but also that emerge as a result of our internal experience, which influences our self-­evaluations, self-­identity, self­-presentations, and self­-control. The internal and external stressors are administered in the same way from our bodies. With a difference that the internal stressors are present 24 hours per day. The point is that those internal stressors have often developed to protect us, to make sure we survive. Though, in a long run, they can make us sick.

By reprogramming the neurobiology, psychological and physiological changes will take place, you will be able to differentiate between the threat from non-threat, and consequently, the immune system will balance. You will get yourself back, feeling energetic and vital.

The training provides:

  • understanding of the role of emotions as part of the immune system
  • inner resources development
  • experiential exercises and self-discovery
  • development of life knowledge and skills
  • group and personal support

Previous participants reported:

  • decreased TPO and TgAb antibodies
  • enhanced mood
  • improved concentration
  • more energy
  • better relationships
  • getting themselves back


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2 reviews for RESET your immune system: Hashimoto’s heart

  1. Lonneke à Campo

    With the Hashimoto’s heart program:
    – I’ve gained more self-insight (patterns, awareness, …),
    – I’ve learned to make a difference in between emotions and behaviour,
    – I’ve learned that there is a connection between my auto immune disease and my past (adaptive behaviour),
    – I’ve learned to sooth myself via various techniques,
    – I’ve gained body awareness,
    – I’ve learned that via practicing various techniques on daily basis, I can regain focus, calm myself down, split different emotions so I won’t be flooded,
    – find peace in my own created safe place, reduce the possibility of inflammation,…,
    – I’ve gained more self-confidence because I’ve come more focused on the good things in life and realize that I’m not a bad person after all,
    – I’ve learned that via making a commitment with myself, I take better care of myself,
    – I’ve learned that I need to step inwards instead of focussing on the outside world,
    – I’ve come to see that Hashimoto, in my case, is something that occurred due to various events in my past,
    – I’ve learned that my psychological complaints, can be connected not only to my past, but also due to my autoimmune disease,
    – I’ve learned to make a step towards life, instead of stepping out of it.
    This is a wonderful program and I’m going to do it again. It’s a step to step guide towards getting to know yourself and the way things work inside you. I’m very grateful that I’ve made this step. I experience more joy to life and it has given me strength to continue my life’s path.

  2. Alix

    For the past 11 years, ever since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, I’ve been searching for a more holistic way to manage my symptoms than traditional medicine. Hashimoto.Help is the first place where I found effective tools that empower me to take control over my symptoms and reduce them to a point where I feel vibrant. The training has opened my eyes to how crucial emotional work is for a deep and sustainable healing.

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